Virtual Rides III

Set foot in an even bigger, more colorful, and more impressive fairground than ever before! Let your imagination be your guide! Design, control, and ride more than 10 unique attractions!

Tales of the tiny planet

The game tells the story of a separated group of planet friends who want to reunite. You have to assist them against the dangers of time and space.




Play procedurally generated mingolf courses assembled from an immense variety of sections!
Be surprised by new challenges and combinations on every track!

Super Cashier

Be a cashier, but not any cashier – be THE cashier!
Open your shop, serve your customers and satisfy their (sometimes slightly strange) special wishes.



Funfair Ride Simulator 3

Have you ever had the opportunity to be able to use your own ride at the fair? Probably not … Now you can experience this on your smartphone or tablet with the new Funfair Ride Simulator 3.

Stuntman Stuart

Dear awesome film production company, my name is Stuart and I am interested in working as a stuntman for your next movie „Falling in Tokyo“.

Stuntman Stuart


Shadow Rebound

Do you know the classic pong-style games? We mixed the concept with a new ingredient: light


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